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A film on #Me Too

A film on #Me Too – Featuring Tejaswi Madivada, Commitment is a film that will be a raw and bold take on the casting couch.

In what could possibly be a sensational attempt, actress Tejaswi Madivada is all set to turn heads with her forthcoming film, Commitment. Directed by Lakshmikanth Chenna (Hyderabad Nawabs), the film is a four-episode anthology series, featuring Tejaswi in one of the episodes. It will reflect on scenarios such as the infamous casting couch and the struggles of an aspiring actress. Apparently, the director picked the Ice Cream star for her outspoken nature. “I could instantly connect with the script because the film also reflects on some of the experiences I’ve undergone in my life,” replies Tejaswi.

The film features some bold and raw scenes, but the actress was game for it. Shrugging away any present and possible criticism, she says, “So what if I do such a film? I am an actor and should do whatever is apt for the script. I give a damn about what others think of me. As an actress (outsider), I’ve endured many struggles in the industry; now, you’ll get to see some of them in this film.”

So, what made an actress mostly associated with cheerful roles take up such a project? “I decided to live life my way. After my Bigg Boss stint, I didn’t sign any film and decided to quit the industry. But a trip I took to Thailand, where I did scuba diving, changed my life,” she reveals, adding, “It was a liberating experience — something of a self-discovery. It made me look at life from a larger perspective. This project came to me soon after my trip, and I decided these are the kind of films I should do, in which the roles are strong, authentic and raw,” explains Tejaswi.

But would the film create ripples by dropping names of any of those from the industry who were involved in encouraging the casting couch, we ask her. “You’d better watch the film,” says, the Babu Baga Busy star as she signs off.

A film on #Me Too

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