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A natural fit

A natural fit – Actress Ruhani Sharma talks about the similarities she sees with the character she plays in her forthcoming film.

Actress Ruhani Sharma’s portrayal in her debut film, Chi La Sow, was one of the highpoints of the romantic entertainer. The actress has now begun shooting for her next film, a suspense thriller, under director Harsha.

“I was fascinated after hearing the script and I wanted to be part of the film. The layers in the script and the emotional arch my character has is something that I was thrilled about. I believe the film is the right follow up after Chi La Sow, and it’s worth the wait,” Ruhani said as she shared more about the project.

Ruhani, a fine-arts student, plays the role of a painter in the film. When asked if she had to prepare for her part, she revealed, “The director asked me to be my natural self for the part. Moreover, being a fine-arts student, painting comes naturally to me. I even completed a couple of portraits while shooting for the role — it made me nostalgic of my college days.”

Producer M.S. Raju is supervising the project, which is currently being shot in Hyderabad.

A natural fit

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