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Actress Gehna Vashisht Latest Hot Photoshoot

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It is absolutely shameful that people attack a girl for wearing a bikini and an Indian flag. They have adopted Victorian morality. Before the Islamic and British influence in India people didn't even cover up their breasts with bras and bikinis, it wasn't uncommon for women to walk around topless. A lot of statues of goddesses have naked uncovered breasts.

National flags and anthems are also something that India has adopted from the west. If there's anyone who should stop mimicking the west it's these dumb protesters. Activism based on personal whims is also something that Indians have mimicked from the west.

If I remember right, it is unlawful to wear similarities of the national flag below the waist, or to display it in a disrespectful way even above the waist. Some legal action could have been taken. Why did the handlers, the photographers, the press agent (if she had any), or the owners of the magazine/tabloid that published the picture, not get punished in this physical way? As always, the weakest link in the chain seems to have been attacked. It is uncharacteristic/disgusting of Hindu men to have acted this way.

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