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Amyra Dastur’s first tryst with comedy

Amyra Dastur’s first tryst with comedy – The actress talks about her upcoming film Rajugadu, in which she has explored her comic side for the first time.

Amyra Dastur is gearing up for her second Telugu release — Rajugadu. Talking about the project, she says, “Rajugadu is a mass entertainer. I am doing slapstick, situational comedy for the first time. There is a romantic angle to the plot; I play Raj Tarun’s love interest. Raj finds himself in funny situations, and as I try to help him out, I get dragged into them myself. I will be seen playing a modern girl in the first half of the film, and a village belle in the second half.”

The actress was a tad apprehensive about whether she would be able to pull off a comedy, but she is happy with the way the film has turned out. “I wanted to do a mass comedy film, but I knew that I needed to get my comic timing right. It was a wee bit difficult, and I was afraid that I might go wrong, but, thankfully, I was able to pull it off,” she says.

She says that it was fun for her to don traditional outfits for the film. “I find Indian outfits very comfortable, and they even make a woman look better. I even grooved to a song for a sangeet ceremony in the film and I realised that it is easy to dance in a saree.” Talking about her experience on set, Amyra says, “The director wanted me to be natural; so I just behaved like myself and brought my own style of acting to the role. I am good at memorising my lines, and language-wise I have improved a lot to be able to get my expressions right.”

Describing the film’s director, Sanjana, as a strong woman, Amyra says, “Sanjana was a hands-on director. She was like a seasoned campaigner on set; she never gave the impression of being a newcomer.”

Amyra Dastur’s first tryst with comedy

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