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Anushka, Parineeti, Bhoomi and now Anya Singh…

Anushka, Parineeti, Bhoomi and now Anya Singh… – An After Hrs exclusive with Aditya Chopra’s new discovery

Anya Singh (Rohan Shrestha)

Anushka Sharma, Parineeti Chopra, and Bhoomi Pednekar are Yash Raj discoveries. And now Anya Singh joins this list of talented newcomers launched by Aditya Chopra. She will be seen in YRF’s Qaidi Band with Raj Kapoor’s grandson Aadar Jain. In a quick chat with the newcomer, I learnt about her story — her background, her struggle, and obviously her big ticket debut in Bollywood. Over to Anya…

It’s a very unconventional role for a newcomer. Very de-glam…Something you planned?

I wouldn’t say I always wanted to be in this space but I wanted to be part of movies. Yes, it is a very unconventional film. It’s shot in a raw, gritty manner but it gives me a lot of scope to perform. I didn’t think that ‘Oh, my debut should be very over the top, glamorous and full of song and dance’. Anything was okay.

Making her return

How many rejections did you face before getting this film?

I actually auditioned for about six months before I got this film. I was rejected at every audition. I had auditioned for two movies and a lot of ads. I was like ‘ads hi nahi mil rahe, how will I get a movie?’ I was in this city and my mother had given me a deadline of a year so I wanted to put everything into this. I had come mentally prepared for things to not work out as well.

How did things fall in place?

This was pure luck. I was at a coffee shop and casting director Shanoo Sharma saw me there. She asked me to audition for this film. Finally, I met Habib (Faisal) Sir and got the film.

Alia Bhatt’s 70 KG deadlift

How many times did you audition before you met Aditya Chopra?

I auditioned for about two months for this role. There were at least 10-12 rounds, and Round One isn’t like one audition. Each round was for three-four days. There was a dance round, a singing round because this is about singers, so I needed to have that body language. I only met Adi Sir the day I was told I got the film — something he told me. Before that, I didn’t have any conversation with him.

What was your first meeting like then?

When he told me I got the film, I realised he’s extremely easy and chilled out. He said it in a relaxed way. I was like, this is not what I thought Adi Sir would be like. He’s a fun person.

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