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Big B’s Bahu speaks about the Big C

Big B’s Bahu speaks about the Big C – Actress Aishwarya Rai turns crusader for cancer awareness, after losing her father to the disease.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan lost her father Krishnaraj Rai to cancer, last year. The actress has been actively working since then to raise awareness about cancer and dispel the myths that surround the disease.

“There are so many myths even in this day and age; there are people in this country who believe that cancer could be contagious. To us it is shocking, but for many, seemingly this is a fact. And that just boils down to a lack of awareness, education, access to information and recognising what this disease is actually about and the steps you really need to take, which is as simple as early detection,” says Aishwarya Rai at an event to fight cancer in women.

Rai says that early detection is the most important step. “It is a baby step, but the most important one. Every woman should have the right to access early detection of curable cancers in India,” says the actress about the cancer control programme.

“I am part of showbiz and a photograph will go viral, and that will start a dialogue and will draw attention to the cause and what work is being done. I am one of the quiet tireless soldiers. It has touched my life and my loved ones,” she says, explaining her personal involvement.

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Big B’s Bahu speaks about the Big C

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