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Birthday Special: Kriti Sanon on her idea of celebration: ‘I’m more of a pyjama party person’

Birthday Special: Kriti Sanon on her idea of celebration: ‘I’m more of a pyjama party person’ – Kriti Sanon, who turns 28 today, is all smiles. She has just got back from her Housefull 4 schedule in London and will soon fly to Gwalior to begin work on her next film. In between, she has got enough time to celebrate her special day with her family and close friends. She tells us what her idea of a perfect birthday is and why she values handmade gifts over materialistic presents. 


How do you plan to celebrate it this year?

It was Dinu’s (producer Dinesh Vijan) birthday yesterday and we thought of celebrating together. So, he threw a party for both of us. Apart from that, I’m just chilling at home, spending time with my sister, Nupur, and others. In the evening, I’ve to get back to prep for Luka Chuppi because I’m starting the film within a few days.

Do you like to party hard on your birthday?

I don’t remember the last time I did that. It’s either someone else who’s thrown a bash for me or it’s been a get-together at home, with family and close friends. I’m more of a pyjama party-kind of a person (smiles).

What’s your fondest memory?

My mom usually buys something for me. This time, Nupur has already bought my gift that she is hiding in the house. But she gets restless. For the last two-three days, she’s been asking me, ‘Can I show it to you?’ And I’m like, ‘No, can you wait for my birthday!’ When it comes to materialistic gifts, you use them and after a point, they get worn out. Earlier, I would be happy getting clothes or bags as presents because I’m a shopaholic. But after a couple of years, they just lie in your cupboard. The one gift I treasure a lot is a nice scrapbook with all the pictures from my childhood, which my sister had made for me.

It was a sweet effort and I value it a lot even today. It had my pictures right from the time I was born, my sister’s pics as a baby, our photos with our mom, dad and grandparents. I carried the scrapbook with me to Mumbai and go through it quite often. I love handwritten and handmade stuff because it is so personal.

You have four films lined up. Do you consider this the best phase of your career?

I always believe that the best phase is yet to come. That way, I’m quite positive about my future. But I am definitely in a great space right now. Somewhere, I wanted to always balance out with different genres. The four films I’m doing this year are different from each other. There’s Arjun Patiala, which has a North Indian flavour and I play a Punjabi journalist in it, followed by Housefull 4, which is about reincarnation. There are two periods in the film and it’s special because I’m going back to Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment, which has been my home ground. Going back to that office is a great feeling. Luka Chuppi is based in Mathura although my character is from Delhi. It’s a fun space, again a rom-com. And then, Panipat happens to be something grand. I’m looking forward to it because it’s my first full-fledged historical. Even though it will be a hectic year with all the films happening back-to-back, it’s not something I’m cribbing about. I’m going to learn a lot.

One thing you didn’t know last year which you do now…

In 2017, I realised that both success and failure are temporary, and you are as good or as bad as your last film. What matters to me the most is the process of filmmaking — how much I enjoy and how much I take back from it. I can’t think of whether the film will do well or not, and even if it does well, I can’t take that seriously for too long. So, you have to move on to the next thing.

And what’s the one thing you want to learn before you turn 29?

There are a few things I want to learn. I love poetry and used to write earlier. But now I am unable to do so. So, I want to get back to that. Also, as a kid, I loved drawing and painting, which I never pursued properly. If I get time in between, I would want to try my hand at it. During one of my promotions, I was meant to draw a kabootar and I couldn’t (Laughs). And I’ve always wanted to learn a little bit of belly dancing. I have been attracted to that form of dance. So, if not this year, I want to take it up by next year for sure.

Apart from acting, any other avenues related to filmmaking that you want to try out?

Maybe, a few years later, when I have a little more experience and knowledge, I would love to take up production. I sometimes feel that there are certain stories which can make for great films and I’d want to show them to the audience.

Birthday Special: Kriti Sanon on her idea of celebration: ‘I’m more of a pyjama party person’

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