HomenewsDalljiet Kaur ready to marry again?

Dalljiet Kaur ready to marry again?

It seems like she is ready to give marriage a second chance – Dalljiet Kaur ready to marry again?

Life is all about moving on. TV actress Dalljiet Kaur is reportedly open to the idea of marrying again and a search is on for a suitable groom for the pretty lady. She had been living alone for two years with son Jaydon and their divorce got finalised a few months back. It seems the actress’ parents want her to find the right man and re-settle before Jaydon gets older. Her first marriage with actor Shaleen Bhanot ended on a sour note with allegations of domestic abuse. In an interview to SpotboyeE, she said, “I got divorced months back and have been living alone with my son Jaydon since two years. My parents feel that before my son understands more than he does now, let’s fill up the gap.I am not in a hurry and I am not getting married tomorrow. But I have no reason to say no. I am okay with my ‘Single’ Status now, so why not? I am keeping my eyes open for a happy guy.

The actress post her separation made a comeback in the industry with Zee TV’s Kaala Teeka. The show went on for two years and she regained financial independence. Dalljiet also lost 25 kilos and is looking younger than ever. However, when it came to the criteria of good looks for her ideal man, she said it did not matter. She said, “First and foremost, he should be positive, contented and educated. Coming to your question per se, I am certainly not looking for someone who looks 60-years-old. After a certain age, you grow out of those things- like he should be terrific looking- you know. But yes, I obviously want someone who is fit and healthy and certainly not someone who looks old.” Point noted.

The lady is keen that Jaydon gets a sense of stability in his life. Dalljiet and Shaleen have reached a mutual agreement regarding their son but she wants his life to be better. She further told the portal, “I miss somebody that I can talk about Jaydon to. There are lot of emotions you want to share with only your life partner. I miss having an intelligent conversation with someone who should be in my and my son’s future plans.There is a certain vacuum. I have been alone for far too long now.I hope I make all the right decisions for Jaydon’s bright future.”

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