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Deepika Padukone, it’s time to fire your stylist before Cannes 2017!

Deepika Padukone, it’s time to fire your stylist before Cannes 2017! – Deepika fails to wow the audiences with her fashion and style statement in the West, and her stylist needs to take a cue…

Deepika Padukone’s worst red carpet looks

Deepika Padukone is known for sashaying and slaying it on the red carpet in India. The actress has definitely steamed it up while promoting her films and given us some looks to rave about. But in the last four-five months, ever since she has been treading on the international markets – promoting her Hollywood film, attending events and dos in the West – she has not had a fascinating run with the fashion police.

She has attended a series of big events – from the MTV Awards to the MET Gala and we are sorry, but Deepika simply needs to fire her stylist now. Her looks have all gone terribly wrong, and at a time, when arch rival and contemporary heroine Priyanka Chopra is looking like a million bucks and is counted among the best dressed on several Hollywood websites, DP’s stylist has simply let her down.

Here are 5 of her most disappointing looks in the last few months –


This was her first international red carpet look and although she didn’t fare too badly, the comparison and the pressure of matching up to PC’s red carpet appearances was too much, it seems. Some Hollywood sites called DP the ‘Bollywood Blunder’ and although we didn’t really hate the look, it was not the best that she has done! She could have done better for sure.

Golden Globe Awards:

What was that? After facing major flak for her red carpet debut, DP went the ‘keep-it-simple’ way too fast and too soon! She came up with a lemon yellow gown, which was more ‘blah’ than ‘waah’. The dress was unflattering and although a much safer bet, someone like DP should have come up with a better look!

Oscar pre-dinner party:

What was this? Deepika got the look completely wrong. It seems she thought it was a summer brunch than a dinner and the whole combination of hair, make up and the dress just doesn’t work. Overall, the dress has nothing to rave about. Plus, those chappals were cringe-worthy. The centre-parted blow dried hair doesn’t go with the look and it was a major thumbs down!

Oscar after party:

Yet another blunder. Deepika seems to have forgotten that she wore the same dress, five years back at an event. After a disappointing show at the pre-Oscar dinner, DP didn’t give much scope to appreciate her at the after party as well. This black sequined dress is done to death and it’s time she throws them right out of the closet. Plus, Twitter had a field day with people calling her dress a ‘gift wrap’.

MET Gala 2017:

It seems that the amount of criticism from the international fashion police has gotten on to DP and her stylist. She’s not willing to take any risk and it shows! The actress opted for a shining white gown with embellished straps which was far from being extraordinary. Priyanka, on the other hand, nailed it in her trench-coat with a train and DP was still struggling to get the fashion police rooting for her. This was a rather pretty look, but it seemed completely out of place. And those head pins don’t go with the look at all. What was the designer thinking?

Deepika will soon make her debut on the Cannes red carpet, and it’s just about 3 weeks away. Before her looks get compared to the likes of Sonam Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (who have been there, done that and nailed it), she needs to pull up her socks and rock the red carpet like never before! We are waiting to see that side of you now, Deepika. Don’t let us down!

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