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Did Priyanka Chopra take a dig at Deepika Padukone’s racism cry?

Did Priyanka Chopra take a dig at Deepika Padukone’s racism cry? – Here’s what the actress said…

Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra

A lot has been said about Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone’s rivalry. Although they aren’t really fighting against each other, the two actresses have always been pitted against each other – be it domestic or the international forums.

While DP and PC both are doing their bits in putting India on the global map, there’s something that happened recently which became the talking point. Deepika was mistakenly called Priyanka by a certain section of foreign media.

It’s no doubt that PC is a bigger international star because of her leading lady stint on a popular TV series like Quantico whereas DP just made her Hollywood debut with Vin Diesel starrer xXx 3. PC too is making her debut in Baywatch opposite Dwayne Johnson.

While DP brushed this episode as an act of ‘racism’, PC has a different take on the whole thing. She told Bollywoodlife, “That’s just ignorance and I feel really bad. It’s not right. I guess I am the most popular brown face but guys, every brown girl does not look the same. That was not fair and she is a massive star from India.”

But she also added that it’s not wrong on the foregin media’s part to not know them as they aren’t that famous overseas. “I also understand because when I went to America for the first time, I used to walk into the room and introduce myself. I don’t expect them to know me. She has a film released but I still don’t have one. My film is releasing now. Just because I’m popular in India doesn’t mean the world has to know me. I guess that is also another aspect of it. But yeah, we don’t look the same.”

We wonder if this ‘introduction’ statement was a sly dig at DP’s racist comment. Your guess is as good as ours!

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