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Don’t mind the gap

Don’t mind the gap – Nidhi Subbaiah, the Coorgi beauty who rose to fame with films like Pancharangi, Anna Bond and Krishnan Marriage Story, is making a comeback.

Actress Nidhi Subbaiah returns with a bang, as she will be seen in Century star Shivarajakumar’s next — Ayushmann Bhava — which is releasing on November 1. This day also marks Kannada Rajyotsava, the celebration of the formation day of Karnataka. In between, she was busy with a couple of Bollywood projects including Love Shagun, which was her last release before she entered into wedlock. Apart from Ayushmann Bhava, she is currently shooting for a web series in Hindi.

The Pancharangi star, who hails from beautiful Coorg, is back after a gap of three years. What took her out of the equation and what brought her back? “The life of an artiste is quite typical. Once a person gets into this field, it is very hard to stay away from it. No matter where one decides to go, irrespective of the circumstances it leads them to thereafter, the artist in him/her pulls them back someday.

This is the exact reason, which made me come back, and I am extremely happy to return to do the thing which I love the most, which is acting in front of the camera,” asserts Nidhi. On her three-year time out, she says that she headed to Mumbai following the opportunities which came knocking on her doors. “Pursuant to certain ups and downs thereafter, I could not give more time to my career as an actor and hence the gap,” she explains.

We ask her how Ayushmann Bhava came about and she reveals that the producer Yogesh had come to Mumbai for some work over the film and wanted her to come onboard. “During a meeting with him, he explained to me about the character. Even director Vasu was aware of it. I took some time to mull upon it but within a few days, I got a call saying that the team has finalised me for the role I was initially approached for,” Nidhi relates. Ever since her return, several filmmakers have been approaching her with work but the actress is yet to take up any.

“As of now, I am looking forward to the release of Ayushmann Bhava, and I am also currently shooting for an exciting web series in Hindi, which I cannot reveal much about at this stage. I’m equally thrilled to be part of such projects like web series which have taken over viewers by storm at present. It’s more like a big budget and highly anticipated movie,” she shares.

While she plays a simple village girl in her latest film in Kannada, she explains that it’s well-known how much director Vasu sets store in giving equal importance to every character in his projects. “Moreover, this one has Shivarajakumar-sir in the lead and my dream to act alongside him in a film is coming true. I am very sure of its success which will pave the way for similar great projects in the coming days,” Nidhi is optimistic. She ends on a philosophical note, saying she is looking forward to all kinds of roles irrespective of genre, as long as the audience will remember her work for long for portraying such unique characters.

Don’t mind the gap

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