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Eesha Rebba in Lust Stories

Eesha Rebba in Lust Stories – Eesha Rebba will star in one of the episodes of Lust Stories in Telugu, under the directorship of Sankalp Reddy.

Eesha Rebba has been working on films in different genres, picking up interesting scripts along the way. For her next, the Subrahmanyapuram star will be seen in Lust Stories as one of the leading ladies.

We are told that the actress came on board because she liked the concept as well as the way her character was etched. And given the project is on a different platform (Netflix), Eesha felt that reaching out to the broader audience will be a huge asset for her.

“Eesha was approached after the makers saw her body of work —she continues to stick to roles that are beyond stereotypes. When she was approached for the part, she was quick to give her nod for the new-age story. Also, Eesha wanted to work with Sankalp Reddy after having seen his earlier works. So when the opportunity came, she was quick to grab it,” informs a source.

Eesha Rebba in Lust Stories

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