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Every dream seeks an opportunity: Saumya Tandon

Saumya Tandon (Left) A still from Secret Superstar; (right) Saumya Tandon

Every dream seeks an opportunity: Saumya Tandon – Secret Superstar is an inspiring story of a young girl, who becomes a famous singer in spite of restrictions imposed by her conservative father. Similarly, actress Saumya Tandon, too, proved people wrong, who doubted that she could make it big. From reading news on a local channel in Ujjain to working on national television and in films, Saumya shares her journey…

“I had absolutely no connection with the world of glamour or entertainment. Nobody from my family or earlier generations had anything to do with showbiz. I primarily come from a family that’s very academic. My mother is a painter and that’s the closest we got to the world of creativity. Coming from such a family, I was always expected to only concentrate on studies.

“I went to a school in Ujjain — a small town in Madhya Pradesh with hardly any exposure. I used to be a shy girl, initially, but soon evolved into a theatre person and started writing and participating in plays in a very small way. During those days, I often felt sad that I came from a small town and had absolutely no connections that could help me enter the world of entertainment. I’d feel claustrophobic and often sit in my small room wondering if I will ever make it to the big screen.

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“My father suggested that I try something on the local cable channel. I did and earned Rs 700 there. That’s where it all began. I often performed on stage for small, local events and when I came to Delhi for higher education, I had a part-time job to pay my college fees. I hosted shows for small channels and sometimes even worked as an usher for events.

“From a girl who read news on the local cable channel during her school days to somebody who now works on national television and has acted in movies, I had an ardent desire to fulfil my dreams and am glad that it came true.

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“All these struggles have made me who I am and I genuinely believe that you learn the most from your failures. Each time I found people distrusting me, laughing at me or scorning me, thinking that this girl is mad to think that she could do this, I became more determined to prove myself. I dreamt bigger and was committed to proving them wrong.

“But, I think it is still not over. I have bigger dreams. Even now, the journey is the same. I dream bigger and stronger every time someone distrusts or stereotypes me.  I take their opinion in my stride and work towards achieving more. I still have a long way to go. I am struggling and will continue doing so until my last breath. I feel that improving and rising from where you are, is an insatiable desire that keeps you going.”

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Every dream seeks an opportunity: Saumya Tandon

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