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Exclusive: Being human is a quality that is being left far behind, says Ameesha Patel

As she prays fervently to Lord Shiva for World peace, we are wondering if she asked for a great life partner as well!

Ameesha Patel recently celebrated her birthday in a unique way. Though her birthday is on the June 9, she decided to go ahead with celebrations a few days earlier. As part of a philanthropic gesture, she offered a sumptuous meal to the less fortunate! Speaking about this, Ameesha clarifies, “My birthday falls on June 9. However, this time around, I wanted to celebrate it by feeding the less fortunate. It’s a fact that these days, being human, is a quality that is being left far behind. I keep extending social gestures of this kind off and on – but, I feel we need not propagate this.”

Talking about her work, she asserts, “I am now busy shooting my next flick, Magic,” adding, “I am not feeding the poor just to garner eye balls. I am doing this because it gives me maximum satisfaction. Also, I pray for world peace.”

Offering her prayers, Ameesha elaborates, “I prayed to Lord Shiva to grant peace all over the world. These terrorist attacks must stop. Let us live in peace and stop usage of guns and bombs.”

Ahem… Isn’t Lord Shiva also much sought after by women for a perfect husband? Being single and in Lord Shiva’s temple, did Ameesha not seek the Lord’s blessings to grant her a great husband? We wonder! This would remain a big question waiting to be answered.

While we await world peace, we also hope that Lord Shiva blesses our benevolent Ameesha with an amicable husband.

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