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Exploring new avenues

Exploring new avenues – Pageant winner Shweta Avasthi is set to make her Telugu debut in her forthcoming film, Malli Malli Choosa, directed by Saideva Raman.

Shweta Avasthi is the latest addition to the list of pageant winners foraying into Telugu cinema. The Pune-born model will be seen as the leading lady in her forthcoming Telugu film, Malli Malli Choosa directed by Saideva Raman. Having worked in the corporate sector, Shweta shares that she always wanted to become an actor. “I’ve been active since my days in school and dreamt of becoming an actor. However, I also wanted an alternate career and that’s why I got into the corporate sector,” she reveals, adding, “Later, while I was still working, I began modeling and did my best to balance the two. I started getting great opportunities and before I even knew it, I was approached for my debut film.”

The actress shares that she had to unlearn a few things to look the part. “Since I’m playing a girl who is very composed, which I am not in real life, I had to participate in a workshop before the film went on floors. It helped me a great deal to understand my character better,” says Swetha.

She adds that acting gives the opportunity to live the character creatively.

“In modeling, you just have to be the face of the brand. But in acting, there’s plenty of scope to apply your own creativity while stepping into the character’s shoes. I’ve realised that that’s the best part about acting,” she signs off.

Exploring new avenues

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