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Fitness is a balance of body and mind, says Athiya Shetty

Fitness is a balance of body and mind, says Athiya Shetty – Athiya Shetty on feeling good about oneself and why she feels that marathons are a great way to support a cause and stay fit

Athiya Shetty

The lithe Athiya Shetty is genetically blessed with a great figure, nevertheless the young actress works out every day with her trainer, even while shooting outdoors. Also, the Shetty beti tells us she has run a marathon before. Here, she shares some tips..

Balance is important

Balance in everything is key, believes the actress. “I’m blessed with a great metabolism. I’ve never believed or tried extreme diets. I eat whatever I want, because I love food! But I think it’s essential to have a proper exercise routine in place. I weight train at least five days a week,” she shares.

“For me, fitness means the correct balance between body and mind. You must feel good about yourself and your body. I try and eat right. I do follow a diet where I try and incorporate the right amount of carbs, fat and protein. In terms of workouts, I do weight training five times a week, where I work on strengthening and endurance. My three essential principles of fitness that I always follow are: early to bed-early to rise, regular workouts and a balanced diet.

A slew of changes

Depending on where she is, Athiya does change her diet and some part of her workouts. She tells us, “Currently I’m in London, so my diet changes according to my access to food and where I am. My workouts are quite standard. I stick to weight training because it’s necessary for my body type, but of course there’s always a change in exercises.”

Early sports connect

Growing up, she swam, played football, basketball, and was a track-and-field athlete. She credits her father for a general love of sports.

“My father (Suniel Shetty) had a rule — we had to play one sport every season after we were done with school, which I think really helps in so many other ways. It also helps build teamwork, skills and discipline. Even today, whenever I get the opportunity you’ll see me playing football downstairs, I love playing the sport.

Best exercises

For me the best form of exercise is weight training. I love it. It helped me especially because I had a weak back, and over the years it’s really helped me strengthen my lower back, which is required in our profession, when it comes to dance and even action. I also enjoy Pilates, it’s extremely important to stretch your body, and understand the importance of body posture, which I’ve learnt through Pilates.

Know your body

She feels that fitness is important for men and women. “I think every individual should strive to be fit. And by fit, I mean a balance between the body and mind, it’s not only about looking good, but maintaining it and feeling good about yourself. I think women should know that their bodies are strong and are capable of doing anything given the correct form and exercise, weight training is not only for men. It’s about finding what fits you and suits you,” she says

Regular marathoner

Terming marathons a great way to get the community together to support a cause and be fit at the same time, Athiya shares her causes, “I have taken part in a marathon in the past to support Save the Children India. I also used to do the Terry Fox Marathon every year.”

iCan’s a fab concept

The Shetty girl is aware of the DNA iCan Women’s Half Marathon and feels the concept is “absolutely fabulous”.

Last words

She feels, “It’s very important for women to be fit and take fitness seriously. A woman goes through a lot physical changes and I feel if we work out and give importance to fitness, it will only help for our betterment.”

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