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Freida Pinto stops food wastage at Oscars

Excess food from the Oscars parties were donated to communities in need.

Actress Freida Pinto, who has been part of several important initiatives, has now made sure that there is no food wastage at the Oscars parties.

“So excited to be kicking off Oscar weekend with this fantastic initiative. This year #Copia and I team up with some of Oscar weekends biggest parties to recover excess food and deliver it to communities most in need in Los Angeles. #zerowaste #zerohunger Because this food is too good to be wasted. Thank you Women in Film for your incredible support,” she posted adding, “When Awards Week gives back — food that would have otherwise been wasted has now been shared and connected with the LA LGBT Center, just 3.3 miles away from the event in Los Angeles. Wastage isn’t glamorous, feeding people is! #zerowaste #zerohunger #eatlikeastar @gocopia.”

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