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Harshitha Panwar Photos during Bewars Fiilm Promotion

Harshitha Panwar Photos during Bewars Fiilm Promotion – This is the story of the parents who do not understand the parents are not just beers. A socially conscious narrative. Harshita Pawar said that a young man who is not a polygamous and a socially sensitive woman. She is the latest movie starring Beverz. Ramesh is the director of the movie. Rajendra Prasad is playing the lead role. Ponnala Chandu, Daemes. Murthy, M. Arvind is producing this movie and it will release on 12th of this month. Harshitha Pawar, who is in Hyderabad on Wednesday, said that the film is based on family values. In this I will be a social worker named Aaraadi. I propose to ban plastics. One such introduction would be introduced to me without a feeder.

What happened next? The story turned out to be the turn of the screen. Jodhpur in Rajasthan This is my fourth film as an actress. I am lucky to work with a legendary actor like Rajendra Prasad. Hero Sanjosh is a very fun man. Many times during the filming. Director Ramesh Nayanthara has done an amazing look. Those who love family entertainers will definitely like this movie. There are no dreams rolls. Actress has to act in all kinds of roles. Pavan Kalyan, Ravi Teja is very fond of Telugu. I want to be with them all the time. No movie has been accepted till now. After the release of Beverz, I think about another film.

Model Harshitha Panwar Photos during Bewars Fiilm Promotion


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