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Hilary Duff Hot Pictures of Most Sizzling Photos

Hilary Duff Hot Pictures of Most Sizzling Photos

Duff was born in Houston, Texas, far from the glitter and glamour of Los Angeles. She knew from a young age, however, that she enjoyed performing. She studied gymnastics and ballet, and when her older sister, Haylie, began taking acting lessons, Hilary joined her. At age six Duff joined a touring production of The Nutcracker ballet, and she also acted in local commercials as a youngster. She earned her first television role in 1996, in the miniseries True Women, which aired the following year.Hilary Duff Hot Pictures of Most Sizzling Photos.

“I get zits and bad hair just like everyone else. But I think you have to work through it. I’m very into embracing your flaws and knowing that you’re beautiful for a lot of different reasons besides just what you look like on the outside.”

Once Haylie and Hilary began getting acting jobs, they persuaded their parents that they had to live in Los Angeles if they were to have any chance at a career in the entertainment industry. During the late 1990s, despite her declaration in Newsweek that she “never wanted to be a stage mom,” Susan Duff drove her daughters, their possessions, and their pets from Texas to Los Angeles. The girls’ father, Bob, stayed in Texas—he is a partner in a convenience-store chain—but he flies to California every few weeks to spend time with his family. Soon after the move, Duff hit the audition circuit, trying out for every part she could find. She was cast as Wendy in the direct-to-video film Casper Meets Wendy in 1998. She earned a role in the television movie The Soul Collector and a guest appearance on Chicago Hope. Then, in 2000, Duff auditioned for the Disney Channel’s upcoming new show, Lizzie McGuire. After appearing before the show’s producers four times, Duff was hired. Rich Ross, president of the Disney channel’s entertainment division, commented in Newsweek on the number of tryouts: “She wasn’t doing anything wrong. She just wore such great outfits, and we wanted to see what she’d come in with next.”

Hollywood Actress Hilary Duff Hot Pictures of Most Sizzling Photos

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