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How well does Sonam Kapoor know her sister Rhea, who turns 30 today? Find out…

How well does Sonam Kapoor know her sister Rhea, who turns 30 today? Find out… – Sonam lists Rhea's favourite things

Sonam Kapoor and Rhea Kapoor

It’s Rhea Kapoor’s birthday and her elder sister and bestie Sonam agreed to answer this special questionnaire about her younger sibling. She lets on about Rhea’s favourite things. Maybe after reading this, Rhea can tell us how Sonam scored in this quiz?


Favourite colour: Blue

Favourite thing to wear: Shirts and jackets

Favourite piece of jewellery: She loves watches actually!

Favourite designer: Anamika Khanna.

Favourite song: She loves hip-hop and pop. Beyonce’s XO!

Favourite perfume: Chanel’s Mademoiselle

Favourite shoe brand: Stella McCartney

Favourite Khan for all seasons: Salman!

Favourite friend: Me!

Favourite writer: JK Rowling

Favourite singer: Beyoncé

Favourite app: Sonam Kapoor App (Laughs)

Favourite director: David Lynch and Paul Greengrass who made the Bourne film. In Bollywood, I don’t think she has a favourite!

Favourite actress: In Hollywood, it’s Jennifer Lawrence and Meryl Streep. Here, it’s me and Kareena!

Favourite actor: Bollywood actor would be my dad, for sure. But Hollywood, I am not sure!

Favourite film: The Jason Bourne films and Khoobsurat.

Favourite holiday destination: New York!

Favourite shopping website: My sister loves vintage, so her favourite website would be 1stDibs.com.

Favourite cuisine: She loves Mexican food!


Pyjamas or negligee?

Pyjamas, any day.

Western or Indian? Western.

Pants or skirts? Pants!

Aisha or Khoobsurat? Aisha.

Summer wear or winter wear? Winter wear!

Yoga or Pilates? Yoga.

Mumma’s girl or papa’s girl? Papa’s girl

Live-in relationship or marriage? Marriage!

Romantic novels or erotica? None. She loves non-fiction.

Alpha males or metrosexuals? Alpha males.

Stay in or stay out? Stay out.

Fashion show or rock show? Rock show!

Priyanka or Deepika? Priyanka.

Fine dining or street food? Both! My sister is a foodie.

Sound of Music or 50 Shades of Grey? Sound of Music.

Shahid Kapoor or Ranbir Kapoor: who would she rather design for? Ranbir, for sure!

Mascara or kohl? I think she likes make-up, so both.

Long hair or short hair? She loves long hair.

Gives stress or takes stress? Takes stress.

Dogs or cats? Dogs.

Pizza or pasta? Pizza.

Cake or ice cream? Both. She loves food, I told you.

French men or Italian men? None. She likes Indian men. (Smiles)

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