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‘I have met quite a few, too’

‘I have met quite a few, too’ – Raai Laxmi talks about men like Harvey Weinstein weilding power in the industry

After Priyanka Chopra, Richa Chadha and Dia Mirza, who voiced their opinion on the sexual exploitation of women, it is South actress Raai Laxmi, who has come out and spoken about how the likes of Harvey Weinstein are a common occurrence in the Indian film industry. Laxmi who is set to make her Bollywood debut Julie 2, said, “Men in power like Harvey Weinstein are dime-a-dozen in the industry. They get more strength to do and say sick things because they know that the top brass of people are doing it. Not everyone is like him but the fact remains that girls are often exploited in the entertainment industry more so because everyone is beautiful and well turned out,” she said, adding that not all filmmakers were like him, “There are some wonderful kind-hearted producers as well who work with utmost respect towards women,” she revealed.

‘I knew how to handle the situation’

When asked whether she had personally come across such people, Laxmi replied, “I have met quite a few, too, but I knew how to handle the situation diplomatically and walk out,” she said. According to her, the presence of social media today had made it difficult for people with a “Weinstein mindset” to get away unscathed, “With the social media boom, men like him will think many a times before asking for sexual favours,” she said.

Get the right team

The actress further states that a majority of young aspiring actresses found themselves at the receiving end because they did not have an able manager to handle their work, “If you have the right manager and team to handle your portfolio from the onset, the information never gets to you. Your team blocks all such people for you. The problem happens for those who don’t have a manager and personally meet everyone. Quite expectedly, a few people they meet do turn out to be rotten apples,” she said, adding that it was also important for actresses to make sure that others did not fall in the same trap, “I have always warned my friends from the industry every time I have encountered a lecherous man,” she said.

Laxmi, who will be seen in a bold avatar in Julie 2, said that the role excited her despite the skin show, “It is a bold film with a lot of skin show but one of the reasons I opted for it was its woman-oriented subject and the hard-hitting way it tackles this very issue, exposing this hidden aspect of the glamour world,” she said.

‘I have met quite a few, too’

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