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I have never claimed to be a fashionista: Anushka Sharma

I have never claimed to be a fashionista: Anushka Sharma – Anushka Sharma, who recently launched her apparel line, talks about her involvement with the brand

Anushka Sharma can afford to dress exclusively in luxury brands, but she loves wearing high street labels. “I have even worn high street wear on the red carpet,” she smiles, as she finds them “more fun”. The actress and producer has added another feather to her entrepreneur cap by launching her own apparel line called Nush.


Remind her that while a line from fashionista Sonam Kapoor is expected, it comes as a surprise when she does it. She says, “I have never claimed to be a fashionista. But I have a sense of style, which is very personal, accessible, and comfortable and that’s what I’m providing.” The clothes in her collection will be easy to wear. The actress reveals that she is involved in all aspects of her clothing line, especially the little details, “There are many times when I have shopped from international brands and realised that I can’t wear them here because either they are too transparent or the neckline is not right or something else. We, women, have to constantly think about what to wear when we are travelling in public transport. So, for instance, we have provided for matching slips, if the outfit is slightly transparent and so on, just to make things easier,” she says.

While acting and producing does take up a lot of her time, Anushka says she has given this project her all. “There were times when a two-hour long meeting went on for nine hours and I haven’t even realised it! That’s because I have enjoyed the process so much. And it’s a great feeling to have something you have created and can call your own, out there,” she adds.


While Anushka is aware that there will be comparisons made with the likes of Sonam, who has her own fashion label, she adds that people are welcome to do that. “Some people’s job is only to compare, but we are confident about our designs, product quality, varied options, reach and distribution. It’s great; the more the merrier,” says the actress, who adds that while Sonam’s aesthetic values reflect in her clothes, she has her own sense of style and understanding of the market. “Plus, I believe that if you have belief in your product, you just have to go after it and make it happen. I don’t care about what others are doing. If that was the case, I would have done that as an actress too, but I haven’t.”

Ask her if she has any celebrity in mind she would like to see wearing her brand, and she says, “I would like to see them all of them in it! But more than that, I would like to see my customers wearing it!”

I have never claimed to be a fashionista: Anushka Sharma

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