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‘I shut myself because people will say a lot of things’: Ekta Kapoor

‘I shut myself because people will say a lot of things’: Ekta Kapoor – Content Czarina Ekta Kapoor as a filmmaker, has pioneered varied platforms. While she is gearing up for the release of her film Veere Di Wedding, she is also delivering content to OTT viewers and TV audience simultaneously.

Ekta Kapoor who is currently gearing up for her upcoming film ‘Veere Di Wedding’ shared her thoughts on the same saying, “I am like an ostrich. I put the work out and then I shut myself because people will say a lot of things. Now, we are moving towards its release, so we are all in the execution mode from putting out the promos, songs and new visuals.”

Talking about the expectations of the audience, Ekta revealed she doesn’t feel any burden, “Actually, I don’t because I believe you can’t start getting too tied up with success and failure. Actually, my burdens are very different. For example, my neck is hurting now, so I am worried ki kuch hua toh nahi mujhe (laughs). I have learnt from my failures and I don’t get fascinated by success. After VDW, I will move on to Mental Hai Kya (with Kangana Ranaut). So every time, I get in to a new project, I don’t think of the previous one.”

Breaking stereotypes in the entertainment world, Ekta Kapoor carved a niche for her own, creating new content for the audience. Ekta has very well known the pulse of her viewers and delivered the best time and again.

Living by her own terms, Ekta Kapoor shared, “My whole thing is, ‘why limit ourselves’. At any point of time, if we feel, ‘yeh chalega nahi, then it’s like we are listening to rules that our industry forefathers set for us’. Every day, we get exposed to fresh content, work in different mediums, and evolve more. We are becoming smarter and evolving every day and so is the world, so why follow the old rules? Sometimes, I do feel that I am a bit too stretched [for time]. But I love my job. I get stressed only when I have to go to parties or sit for interviews (laughs). I am the happiest when I do creative work. My job is my party. I am getting a chance to live the life of three different creators on three different mediums. TV is all about family audience, and I am also busy with VDW, which are two different worlds. Then, I am also sitting on something absolutely distinct like Mental Hai Kya. Plus, there is also Gandi Baat (web series). So I have an opportunity to explore my mind, and learn so much from various people. Yes, multitasking is going to take a toll on you and it does. But I think I am doing a fun job and I should be very grateful.”  Hailed to be the TRP Queen and the pioneer of daily soap entertainment, Ekta Kapoor solely changed the face of Indian TV. After conquering TV, the content czarina is leaving impressive imprints on the cine-goers. Ekta Kapoor clearly knows the pulse of viewers across the platform as she gave us movies based on different genres.

Her latest domain being the digital platform, Ekta has tailor-made content for the online audience. She has her own digital video streaming service where she brings in content for the younger generation who prefer watching content on their phones as opposed to Television.

‘I shut myself because people will say a lot of things’: Ekta Kapoor

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