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I won’t do a film just because no-one else did it: Kriti Sanon

I won’t do a film just because no-one else did it: Kriti Sanon – Kriti Sanon on why she’s keeping film choices to a minimum

Kriti Sanon

Kriti Sanon is just two films old (Heropanti and Dilwale) and has had no release in 2016, but she is clear in her head. “I won’t sign anything just like that. I’m not desperate to do a film,” she shoots. She has just wrapped Raabta which releases this year in June and then she has another release — in Bareilly Ki Barfi — in July.

Here she talks about her upcoming films…

As a newcomer when you don’t have a film for a year, does that put you on the backfoot?

No, I never felt that way because I was constantly shooting. I really had no time. I had two long schedules for Raabta, in Budapest and Mauritius. Then, a 50-day schedule for Bareilly Ki Barfi. I was constantly doing something or the other. Yes, the releases have been spaced quite apart, considering my last film Dilwale released in December 2015. But I don’t have a control in these matters. Raabta was supposed to release in February, but it got pushed.

Ae you happy with the way your career is shaping up?

I am pretty happy. However, I feel that a lot of times, people forget that I am just two films old. Sometimes, they have an image of me from what I’ve done already. And I’ve done only two films. The first film is more about figuring your way out, specially for an outsider who doesn’t know anything about filmmaking. It’s more about just learning things on set and figuring how you are gonna do what you are gonna do. The second film was a huge experience because Dilwale had an ensemble cast.Very few people get that opportunity. I learnt a lot on the sets but as an actor, you can only do so much in an ensemble. Dilwale gave me the reach because now a lot more people recognise me and know who I am.

Deepika said that her decisions in her career changed post Cocktail. Do you think your choices will change post Raabta?

After Raabta, I got to perform a lot and for the first time, I was really excited about a film because of the story. I was thinking so much, there’s so much prep… I was trying to figure out the character with the director. When you do a film like that, you feel different. My heart is with all the films I have done, but Raabta is special. People say I have become choosy with scripts and all. Truth is, I’m not liking any.

After underwater scenes and sword fighting in Raabta, ready for a full-on action film?

I would love to do a film like that. I feel inspired when I see Angelina Jolie do action scenes in Salt. The kind of hard work that goes such films is insane. I have seen her training vidoes. Whatever little we did in Raabta, it was very difficult. But once you do it, you feel really strong. Something inside you sort of changes. If a good script comes, I would take it up for that reason and not because no one else has done it.

About Bareilly Ki Barfi, it’s a quirky comedy…

Yes, but then again, you cannot really slot it into one category. It’s got a lot of comedy in it, but it’s more of a happy feel, slice-of-life film and it’s quirky at the same time. It’s sweet and funny with some really nice characters and a lot of relationships very nicely shown. It will make you laugh for sure, it will make you smile as well.

What are you playing in the film?

I am playing this tomboyish girl from Bareilly who’s not so bothered about her appearance or how she looks, and has a mind of her own. She is different and extremely quirky in her whole area, she’s someone who does question a lot of times, wants to live her life on her own terms and at the same time, there are a lot of restrictions and things that weigh her down as a woman.

Is it done already?

We are left with just two songs. The talkie portions are done.

Are you comfortable with a slapstick comedy then?

No, it really depends actually. I am not a fan of slapstick comedy but then again, I love Andaz Apna Apna. So if that’s the case then I am in. It can’t just be brainless.

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