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I’m not a big fan of self-help books: Sonam Kapoor

I’m not a big fan of self-help books: Sonam Kapoor – Sonam Kapoor is a self-confessed bibliophile. She talks to After Hrs about some of her favourites books

Sonam Kapoor, by her own admission, is a big fan of children’s books, especially Roald Dahl. “My mind exploded reading his books, when I was younger,” she told us when she was recently at the After Hrs office. The actress, who has a huge stack of books at her house, has recently started reading on Kindle. She spoke to us about the kind of books she likes reading…


“I recently read a book called Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor Frankl, which is an amazing book. It’s about this man who finds meaning when he’s in a concentration camp. It’s fantastic. The one book that really changed the way I looked at myself, which my friend recommended to me, is The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine Aron, although I’m not a big fan of self-help books. I actually don’t believe in reading philosophy. I feel you need to form your own opinions with your own information. So, I prefer reading fiction, and from fiction, I like learning things. I also like biographies and autobiographies. At the moment, I’m reading Robin Sharma’s The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bordain.

Classics and fantasies

I like classic novels a lot. Jane Eyre is my favourite book. Books like Pride & Prejudice and Sense & Sensibility may be romantic but they are highly feminist too. It’s so cool to think that Jane Austen was thinking of such characters and stories at that time. She was one ballsy lady! I love Wuthering Heights, even though it’s so depressing. Another one of my favourites is Harry Potter. They say children who read Harry Potter have a better moral compass (smiles). I’m obsessed with JK Rowling. She is so good!”

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