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I’m Sanjay sir’s favourite: Was this Priyanka Chopra’s subtle DIG at Deepika Padukone?

I’m Sanjay sir’s favourite: Was this Priyanka Chopra’s subtle DIG at Deepika Padukone? – She’s back in the bay, and admits to locking three Hindi films but refuses to divulge anymore

Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone

She’s back in the bay, speculations are rife as to which films she has signed up for. Priyanka Chopra who had been looking forward to a three-week break had to be cut down to a five-day break, as she will fly back to the US on Friday to join her Baywatch co-star, The Rock, who in a special video apologises that his shoot in Atlanta has kept him away from his Indian fans.

PC’s fans are waiting for her return to Bollywood. “Many Bollywood filmmakers met me in New York and several in Mumbai too. There are a lot of offers and I’ve locked three films. I hope to start one by the year end and the second, next year,” she told Mumbai Mirror.

Will she be doing Kalpana Chawla’s biopic? The 34-year-old actress sighed saying, “I will know what is happening with Quantico season three in May. I have a contract with them and I’m bound to them first. If they decide to have more seasons, they will call me and I have to shoot. It will be a long commitment so I cannot announce my Hindi films or schedule shooting dates.”

The ratings of Quantico have dropped and the makers are not sure about how to take the story forward. “Reports of Joshua (Safran, Quantico Creator) unable to figure out how to develop the storyline, has nothing to do with the announcement of Season 3. After every season, the channel does a consensus on which show should come back for another season, which should announce its final season and which should be cancelled,” the 34-year-old actress explained.

So then should Quantico not be renewed? And will she return on home turf since she hasn’t signed any new Hollywood films after Baywatch? Pee Cee says, “You can’t just arrive in a new country and ask for a film, people have to warm up to you first. ABC offered me Quantico and the English films offered to me after Quantico were interesting. I’m not an insecure actress, I don’t mind starting from ground zero, walking into a room and saying, ‘Hi, I’m Priyanka Chopra and I am an Indian actress.’ I believe there is no shortage of good work for good people and fortunately I have more than enough projects on my plate.”

There’s also talk that she’s doing the Sahir Ludhianvi biopic being produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Is that true? Piggy Chops answered with a laugh saying, “Just because I’m Sanjay sir’s favourite, everyone asks me if I’m working with him. We have spoken and we are working on something together, but I cannot announce anything until June. For now, I am only sure that Padmavati is going to be a beautiful film. Ranveer (Singh), Deepika (Padukone) and Shahid (Kapoor) look lovely. I met Sanjay sir recently and he showed some rushes. Lucky me!”

Well, we wonder if this ‘Sanjay sir’s favourite’ comment was hinted at DP by any chance! Your guess is as good as ours!

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