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Mahesh Bhatt’s reacts to Kangana Ranaut’s nepotism claims

Veteran filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt has expressed his opinion on the major nepotism row in Bollywood. The episode started off when Kangana Ranaut made claims of nepotism on Karan Johar’s show, Koffee With Karan. Since then social media has been buzzing with the topic of nepotism, day after day. In the latest addition, filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt who also launched Kangana’s career with Gangster back in 2007, has agreed and disagreed with Kangana’s views.

In an interview to a leading daily newspaper he said, “There is some truth to what she says. The film industry not only in India but also Hollywood is insular. It’s inward-looking. It doesn’t look beyond its own little window, so it seems like a fortress to an outsider, hence I don’t grudge her view. That is the reality, but you can’t generalize this kind of critique. My career says that my doors will always be open for all. When an Anupam Kher walked in through my door at 28 and got Saaransh, it launched his unimaginably productive career. I have always done this kind of work. Even when Kangana came to us, she was a brilliant actor and today, she has much to be proud of. There is no denying that entertainment industries are insular, but you can’t generalize that statement and apply it to everyone. There is this self-congratulatory attitude that since I was an outsider, my journey was more difficult than yours, which was from Juhu to box office peak.”

Mahesh Bhatt was firm on his stance that opportunities and success had no co-relation. He added, “It’s a good rhetoric, but it’s the people who decide who is a star and who isn’t. We may have the power to give you an opportunity, but we don’t have the power to decide which film will work and which won’t.”

As always, Mahesh Bhatt has the definite voice of reason and his opinion makes perfect sense

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