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Making her return

Making her return – Actress Vedhika, who returns to Telugu with the upcoming Balakrishna-starrer Ruler, talks about the film.

It’s been a quite some time since Vedhika starred in a Telugu film, her last film being Daggaraga Dooranga. But the actress will be next seen in the Balakrishna-starrer, Ruler, which is being directed by K. S. Ravi Kumar.

“I know it’s been a long time since I have done a Telugu film, but it’s always nice to do a film in Telugu; the appreciation and warmth I got from the audience here was very heartening,” Vedhika says.

In a career spanning more than 14 years, Vedhika has done more than 25 films in multiple languages (Telugu, Kannada, Tamil and Malayalam). That has added to the Baanam star, for according to her, working in various languages has only made her a better actor.

“I have realised that with every film, you understand a new character, and over time and with experience, it makes your approach to work very clinical. As a result, your work makes you disciplined and a better person,” she says.

But we also wonder what Vedhika’s secret for her sustenance and longevity in the industry is given she’s an “outsider”. But she merely states that she never planned her career and only went with the flow. “My choices of films weren’t very conscious, I just took things as they came and one project lead to the other,” she reveals.

Having played several interesting roles over her career, Vedhika is looking forward to her role in Ruler, which will have a mix of urban and rustic touch to it. “That’s one of the reasons I picked up the role; it has interesting shades,” she states.

Then, she talks about how shaking a leg with Balakrishna was amazing.

“He is such a big star but he has no airs; his energy is infectious. The best part of Balakrishna Sir is his humility,” she adds.

Making her return

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