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Naaz: An RnB styled Hindi album by Aisha Ali Chopra!

Naaz: An RnB styled Hindi album by Aisha Ali Chopra! – Growing up, I was always influenced by Rnb and pop music on one side and bhajans and sanskrit shlokas on the other. That’s the dichotomy in India — all of us go to English medium schools but deep down, we love our culture and languages. Also, listening to the pop music of the ’90s and the early ’2000s, I always wanted to do something like that for the Indian listener. I always wanted to be a pop act. I was influenced by people like Beyonce and Erykah Badu, and Joss Stone and even Indian acts like Viva. This is what prompted me to do an RnB styled Hindi album. Naaz is a pop compilation with RnB styled vocals with hints of Sufi poetry, Hip hop and Telugu folk,” says Aisha Ali Chopra.


The song Naaz talks about self-acceptance and embracing yourself, whatever your background is, whether you are tall, short, thin, fat, accept and love yourself just the way you are, because you are amazing. We wanted to bring to light the triumphs and journeys of different kinds of people in the music video naaz.

Teri Re

Teri Re is a classic love ballad which speaks about the strength of a woman’s love. Lyrically simple yet expressive, the song also speaks about love as a universal object, irrespective of the relationship.


Hasratein is themed around a tumultuous relationship between two lovers. A classic ballad about heartbreak and longing, it takes you on a mellow journey where the lovers are constantly feeling like they cannot live with or without each other. In the video, I am a contemporary dancer so it was but natural for me to think about depicting this kind of a relationship through a contemporary dance piece. That partnered with the grey, blue tones in the video, depicts the darkness the couple is going through.


This song is about freedom and breaking through conditioned fears. With hints of House and Moombahton, Udraiyaan takes us on a journey of flight and freedom.


Azaadiyaan is a feel-good song that makes you feel light and fuzzy. It speaks about freedom, love and living your life to the fullest.

Pulli Paapa

Pulli Paapa meaning Tiger Girl in Telugu is a wild song that has influences of dancehall and hiphop. It’s about an assertive Indian woman making a bold statement about living without fear. It cherishes the spirit of the grounded yet modern Indian woman.

Naaz: An RnB styled Hindi album by Aisha Ali Chopra!

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