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OMG! Urvashi Dholakia was THREATENED to be sacked from a show, unless she lost weight

OMG! Urvashi Dholakia was THREATENED to be sacked from a show, unless she lost weight – Urvashi Dholakia opens up on body shaming and being asked to lose weight for a show!

Urvashi Dholakia opens up on her issues with body shaming (Image Courtesy: Facebook)

Even celebrities aren’t immune to becoming victims of body shaming and being targeted for not having the ‘perfect figure’. Size zero is apparently the norm to be followed. But not everyone is comfortable with following that rule, and Urvashi Dholakia is the latest celebrity to speak about it.

Recently, the actress put up a post on her Facebook page where she slammed people for obsessing over being thin and having a doll-like figure.

The actress then spoke about it at length in an interview with the Bombay Times. She revealed that the outburst was sparked by a friend who suggested that, while she looked good, she needed to lose weight. The actress then talked about her issues with her weight. “Nobody knows that I was hospitalised for 15 days immediately after my exit from Bigg Boss because of subacute intestinal obstruction. I was put on a low-fibre diet, which made me gain weight. However, I didn’t exert my body to shed off those extra kilos. I did it the organic way, and it took time. Also, I can’t be looking the way I did 10 years ago. My body has changed with age. Besides, size-zero is not a yardstick for good health. I feel healthy without being slim. I don’t want to join the rat race of looking thin; I am not going to play a typical heroine at this stage.”

She then chastised actresses and actors for spending hours at the gym and said that she never went to the gym and recently took up Pilates. “I have never been to a gym in my life and I am bloody proud of it. I don’t mind an hourglass figure, but size-zero is not for me. I find the race to lose weight stupid, and I just can’t relate to actors spending hours at the gym,” she was quoted saying.

Urvashi also mentioned that her weight even acted as a barrier to her career. “I was threatened to be sacked from a show unless I lost weight, but I sailed through. I didn’t retaliate as I was badly in need of work back then,” she added.

The daily also reported that she will be returning to the screen in Ekta Kapoor’s Chandrakanta, where she will play Queen Iravati. Urvashi chose not to comment on the role.

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