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‘Padmavati’ to be DELAYED due to Deepika Padukone’s back injury?

‘Padmavati’ to be DELAYED due to Deepika Padukone’s back injury? – The actress had to cancel her shoot for the film on Friday….

Buzz from the sets of Padmavati in Film City suggests that leading lady Deepika Padukone had to cancel shoot yesterday due to a back injury. A unit hands informs MidDay, “She was suffering from acute pain when she arrived on set. Initially, she started reading her scenes and was going through her costumes. But as the day progressed, she started feeling more uncomfortable. The doctor on set advised her to rest for the next few days and avoid exertion. Her costumes are particularly heavy and she is currently in no state to be wearing them.”

It is, however, not clear if the injury was sustained during shoot or triggered by a rigorous workout session earlier this week. Meanwhile, Shahid Kapoor, who plays Deepika’s husband, Raja Rawal Ratan Singh, continued to shoot his portions. “Both Shahid and Bhansali understood her situation and agreed to cancel her part in the shoot for the day. She has been advised complete rest for the next three days, along with some neck exercises. She will be back on set only on Monday,” adds the unit hand, reported the tabloid.

The film’s ongoing schedule has to be wrapped up at the earliest for a mid-November release. The shoot had been suspended for quite a few weeks following two attacks on the set in Jaipur and then near Kolhapur. Now, a thick blanket of security has been thrown around the current set in Film City. Bhansali has been shooting long hours to meet the release deadline.

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