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Parvatii Nair Latest Beautiful Photo Shoot

Parvatii Nair

Parvatii Nair Latest Beautiful Photo Shoot – Parvatii Nair was sitting inside a Mercedes Benz in Bellary, Karnataka. The car was being driven by Vijay Babu. Suddenly, Parvatii discovered that her seat belt was stuck. She told Vijay. He stopped the vehicle and got out to get some help.Unfortunately, he forgot to put the car in first gear. It was on top of a slope on a narrow road. The car began to roll backwards. Since it was supposed to be a long shot, the crew was at some distance away.

“When I looked back, I saw a lorry coming up the road,” says Parvatii. “There were forests on both sides. I began to panic. Because of the stuck seat-belt, I could not move from my seat and use my feet to press the brakes. I just had a couple of seconds to do something.”The car was gathering speed. The lorry driver stopped and watched the scene, as if in slow motion. A desperate Parvatii reached out and grabbed the steering wheel and turned it hard to one side. The car veered off the road and went bumping up the grassy verge and came to a stop. “I was breathing so fast, but thankfully, nothing bad happened,” she says. Soon, the lorry driver went up the slope and waved his appreciation at Parvatii.

South Indian Model Parvatii Nair Latest Beautiful Photo Shoot

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