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Priyanka Chopra style file is equal parts bold and snazzy

Priyanka Chopra style file is equal parts bold and snazzy

Birthday girl Priyanka Chopra celebrates her 36th birthday today and the occasion deserves a celebration. The fashionista of Bollywood who’s ruling the industry in India and the West alike, is often praised for the bold choices she makes – professionally and artistically as well. She is a woman of substance who knows what she wants. She is fearless, immensely confident and likes to wear her heart on the sleeve. PeeCee’s style evolution has been remarkable and we have literally seen her grow from drab to fab. She wasn’t always a great dresser but she strived hard to be the powerful personality that she is today. Sometimes chic, sometimes casual, the Quantico star likes to juggle with her wardrobe and that just looks so delightful.

With modern silhouettes and traditions rooted in her heart, Priyanka strikes a healthy balance between her various images. She might be a badass FBI agent who specialises in kicking some ass but she is also the same ‘Desi Girl’ at heart. Her style file is, in fact, a lethal combination of sharp silhouettes and colours that blend with her edgy personality. She’s fun, chirpy and immensely confident in the way she presents herself and her fashion picks radiate the same qualities. She looks like a vision in numerous Ralph Lauren creations, but she looks like a diva when she prefers to step out in something that’s as basic as a floral dress or a T-shirt and jeans. She believes in making heads turn wherever she goes and chooses attires that reflect her inspiring aura. She won’t hesitate to commit blunder but even that would be with her signature enviable aplomb. She’s a gutsy lady, willing to take up challenges and not get intimidated by anyone. Her wardrobe has always been a delight in the recent years and we pick her top 10 outings that impressed us the most. Have a look and we can ogle at her pictures together.

Bollywood Actress Priyanka Chopra style file is equal parts bold and snazzy


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