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Raashi Khanna turns poet

The actress has produced a video which has specially been made for International Women’s Day.

Actress Raashi Khanna is set to venture into the short film space with an upcoming video she has worked on for International Women’s Day. Titled Believe in You, it is directed by Jennifer Alphonse.

“I will be venturing into production with this video which is really close to my heart. It is based on the simplest and quietest revolution of believing in oneself. I became a part of it with the hope that this thought will inspire and transform everyone to be the best version of themselves,” she explains.

Raashi seems quite excited about the video which is set to release on March 8. She’s even written a poem. “I am not the size of my jeans, I am the size of my smile. I am not a number on a weighing machine, I am the strength that I carry. I am not the complexion I am born with, I am the blush on my cheek. I am not the patches on my skin, I am the scars I have endured  (sic),” read the first few lines of the poem, which ends with, “I am not who you want me to be, I am who I am.”
Apparently, the actress felt that with her rising popularity, it was time she made a statement, and looks like she chose the right time to do so.

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