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Rani Mukherji Photoshoot At Hichki Teachers Awards

Rani Mukherji Photoshoot At Hichki Teachers Awards

Rani Mukherji turns 40 today. Her film Hichki, which hits screens on March 23, marks her comeback in Bollywood after embracing motherhood. In this interview, Rani talks about her roles and making a comeback.

I organically feel these things. I have literally grown up in this industry. I was sixteen when I started and now I am turning forty. It is a gradual process of a person’s life. How we evolve. How we become over the years. What kind of people we become. What subjects matter to you in different stages of our life and career. Both have been interconnected for me. So, I have played roles that have attracted me, or spoken to me at that time.

The film’s primary message is to turn your weakness into your strength. It is also about the discrimination that people face from the outside world. When people tell you that you cannot achieve something because of your ‘weakness’, you have to prove them wrong in your own way. Naina is trying to say through this movie that nobody can decide what you can and cannot achieve in life. A person has to take charge of their own issue, overcome it and turn it into their strength. A weak person won’t feel weak if the outside world doesn’t make them feel that way.

We have also spoken about how every child deserves equal opportunity. Children who are brighter get more attention than children who are not that bright, or maybe a child from a certain socio-economic background is treated differently than the one who are less fortunate. That is the message Naina strives to deliver.

Bollywood Actress Rani Mukherji Photoshoot At Hichki Teachers Awards

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