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Samiksha Bhatnagar Latest Hot And Beautiful Pics

Bollywood Actress Samiksha Bhatnagar Latest Hot And Beautiful Pictures

Samiksha Bhatnagar who rose to fame with her amazing work in the television industry will yet again be seen on the small screen playing an exciting role to entertain the viewers of SAB TV, in their upcoming new show Ados Pados which is slated to go on air in the end of April this year. Ados Pados revolves around two families the Singhs and the Kohlis who are poles apart and their main bone of contention is their business. The Kohli’s run a cake shop and the Singhs run a mithai shop. Both the families are at loggerheads as they try their best to outdo each other.

Samiksha in this show will be seen enacting the role of Mrs.Lovely Kohli. She will be portrayed as a strong headed woman who is good looking and always well dressed. She on the other hand will also be seen as a hyper active woman who has her husband is her complete control. As possessive as she is about her husband she will be known to keep a beeper which is attached to her husband so that she can track him whenever he goes missing. As glamorous as she is she will be also seen roaming around with her make up in her tiny clutch so as to look perfect wherever she goes.

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