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Sandalwood’s Golden Queen Amulya finds her king

Sandalwood star Amulya will be getting engaged on March 6 to a local politico’s son, Jagadeesh.

A few days ago, this decision would have surprised Sandalwood’s Golden Queen Amulya. However, in a span of just three or four days, the beautiful actress has said ‘yes’ to Jagadeesh. And if you are wondering who is the strapping Jagadeesh? It’s not a new movie that the actress has signed, but her real fiance-to-be. The engagement will be held on March 6 in Bengaluru.
The other interesting and anecdotal news is that it was none other Golden Star Ganesh and his better-half Shilpa Ganesh, who played match-makers and found Mr Right for the pretty Amulya.

“I actually had no idea, I am shocked with the sudden events which happened within a span of three to four days,” says Amulya, adding, “I am unable to digest it, as I was not prepared for this. However, my family was looking for that perfect match for me and were planning for a wedding. Fortunately, it happened soon, though frankly, I was not  ready considering that all of it happened at such a quick pace,” says Amulya.

The actress shot to stardom with Cheluvina Chittara. She has been paired opposite Ganesh in several films. Her recent makeover for Gajakesari changed her image from someone who does innocent roles to a glamorous star.  “It was only on Thursday that everything was finalised. The  engagement is going to happen on March 6, here in Bengaluru. It was Ganesh Sir and Shilpa Maam, who have been my mentors for long, and are like family and they felt that it was the right time with the right person from a good family background,” says Amulya.

Amulya seems rather excited and claims, “It was their (Ganesh and Shilpa Ganesh) decision along with my mother and other family members whom I trust. Some people may ask why I choose to marry so early but I guess it’s the right time as I will be 25 this September. Also, according to astrology, my marriage could be delayed by another four years if it doesn’t happen at the earliest. Even my mother wishes for the same, and as a single parent, she was praying for that perfect person for me and want to fulfill her responsibilities,” she says. Her fiance-to-be Jagadeesh, is the son of a politician. He has done his MBA from London and runs his own business.

“I had met him on few occasion during functions organised by Ganesh Sir and Shilpa Maam. To be frank, we were not even friends but I knew his father, who is a politician. They are very good at heart, broad-minded and supportive. I hope to continue my work, but now I will consider their opinion too,” she says, adding that she has been in the industry for almost a decade. “I guess, everything happens for a good cause,” she adds. We wish the Golden Queen all the best.

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