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Says Parineeti Chopra who is reuniting with her Ishaqzaade co-star in Namaste England after six years

Says Parineeti Chopra who is reuniting with her Ishaqzaade co-star in Namaste England after six years – The day we meet Parineeti Chopra, she is under the weather. She has just finished a round of interviews and is a little tired. But that doesn’t deter her from speaking to us. “My energy is low, but the content I give will be good, I promise,” she smiles.

Having delivered a hit with Golmaal Again, last October, she is gearing up for her next release, Namaste England that sees her pairing up with her Ishaqzaade co-star Arjun Kapoor after six years. Here, Pari talks about her upcoming film, friendship with Arjun, and the kind of movie she wants to do next…

You and Arjun Kapoor are teaming up again six years after Ishaqzaade

He is lucky to work with me! After Ishaqzaade, I got a lot of offers, but the moment I would hear that Arjun is in it, I would say no (laughs). Seriously, we were looking for a perfect film to come back together with. Ishaqzaade had set the benchmark high and though many love stories were being made, we wanted it to be something special and in Namaste England we found it. Aur, pata hi nahin six years kahaan chale gaye.

Tell us, what is Namaste England about?

It’s basically about this couple who gets married, and the girl has certain dreams. Usually, this is what leads to conflict but the beautiful aspect of this film is that her husband supports her. My character aspires a certain lifestyle, she wants to be a working woman.

Is this character different from what you have played before?

For me, this movie is different from what I have done before. I haven’t done a film where I am an out-and-out commercial heroine apart from Golmaal Again, which was in that space. In Namaste England, the subject is simple and so is the telling of the story, but the characters and setting are commercial.

Weren’t your earlier films like Meri Pyaari Bindu, Hasee Toh Phasee, etc commercial entertainers?

Those were concept-driven films — with non-glamourous, not the typical just-for-show heroines. Those were movies where the girl was strong, did something new and special. Here, I get to be glam in some way as well as a traditional and beautiful heroine.

You are known for your vivacious roles, but from the trailer, it looks like there are many emotion-laden scenes in the film. Which is more difficult for you?

Both are equally difficult. I am not the vivacious person people perceive me to be. In fact, it was Arjun who pointed out that since I have played those kinds of roles, people think I am that person. But actually, I am a soft and emotional person. As for the kind of characters I like to do, I enjoy doing both.

You and Arjun have a great chemistry off screen. Do you think that can be captured on screen?

I don’t think so because it is so organic. Honestly, I don’t think it can be scripted. Now, because we are speaking on social media, people are realising it. But if you see our seven-year-old history, we have always been like this. On screen, the chemistry comes from comfort. We can do romantic scenes quickly and easily, but that quirky stupidity that we keep doing… (smiles). Arjun and I are the kind of friends who call each other on our birthdays but will never do the formality of wishing one another. We will talk about the world, our lives, etc and smile at the end knowing we are there for each other. I can be myself with him; he will never judge me.

From Ishaqzaade to now, what kind of growth have you seen in him as an actor?

He always had a lot of knowledge about films and know-how about the way this industry works as a producer. Now, he applies that as an actor much more. The way he approaches the scene and the script with all the knowledge that he has, it’s special. I try and learn from him. Ab bas. I can’t give so many compliments to him in a day. I am feeling unwell because of it (sighs).

There is a lot of speculation about Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas having a destination wedding in Jodhpur. Can you throw light on that?

They had gone there for her best friend’s husband Sudeep’s birthday lunch. Since it was his 50th birthday, they wanted to do something special, hence the destination.

While several actors have come in support of Tanushree Dutta, she hasn’t liked the word survivor used in her context. What do you think about it?

That’s her prerogative. But all of us are supporting the fact that a woman is coming out and speaking about her experience. I appreciate her trying to bring it to light, which is a good and brave thing.

Says Parineeti Chopra who is reuniting with her Ishaqzaade co-star in Namaste England after six years

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