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Shalu Chourasiya Hot Photoshoot in Saree

Shalu Chourasiya Hot Photoshoot in Saree

Actress Shalu Chourasiya is born and brought in Madhya Pradesh. The actress was a successful model in the modeling industry that had pursued to grab chances in short films while modeling. Shalu Chousariya as an actress was motivated enough to enter Tollywood industry with a first debut film as she had gained confidence from working in short films.

The gorgeous looking actress Shalu Chourasiya finished her first debut film in 2015. The first debut film in Telugu was ‘ Sailu’. The movie is a romantic action film, portrayed as taken in 1970’s. The first debut film has placed a massive lead role by the actress Shalu Chourasiya as she had experience with short films earlier, the director of this film Sandeep Garapati who approached the actress Shalu Chourasiya through watching one of her short films.

The short films acted by the actress Shalu Chourasiya are ‘Chill Chesadu’ a Telugu short film which elevates Hyderabad city brand. The short film was released in 2015 and had acquired good reviews of the script. Following the first short film, actress Shalu Chourasiya chose ‘ Don’t Trust Anyone’ a Kannada thriller short film which is released in 2017.

South Indian Actress Shalu Chourasiya Hot Photoshoot in Saree


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