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Shraddha Kapoor speaks up against growing deforestation in the city

Shraddha Kapoor speaks up against growing deforestation in the city – Shraddha Kapoor is pained with the felling of thousands of trees in the city to make way for the Metro

Shraddha Kapoor

Shraddha Kapoor may be a socially-aware girl, but the actress is not known to be particularly vociferous about social issues. However, when she feels strongly about something, she takes a stand for it; especially issues like air pollution, apathy towards animals, and chopping of trees. When Shraddha recently saw pictures of trees being chopped to make way for the Mumbai metro rail project, she was hurt. Growing deforestation in the city bothers her deeply and she wants to bring to people’s attention the adverse effect this large-scale felling of trees will have on our environment.

Plant more trees

The actress is saddened with trees being hacked to improve infrastructure in the city. Shraddha says, “I feel pained by deforestation. All of us need to focus on planting more trees rather than chopping them off. We don’t realise how important trees are for our planet. As children, my brother Siddhanth and I were always encouraged to respect plants and trees. I have also always been fond of gardening.” In fact, Shraddha counts her visit to Shillong as one of the most memorable times. “It was so lush and green and absolutely stunning!” gushes the actress.

In love with nature

The Half Girlfriend star is passionate about preserving nature and conserving water. This goes back to her childhood days when she and her brother Siddhanth would visit their father Shakti Kapoor’s Delhi bungalow, which is surrounded by gardens.

Informs an insider, “Every time Shraddha and Siddhanth would visit, they would play in the garden. They would use the garden hose to water trees and plants.” The source adds that not much has changed, and even today and the Kapoor girl cares for her plants like they are her children. “There’s a domestic help just to look after her plants when she is out of town. In her bedroom, she has plants outside her sliding windows. When she goes outstation, she calls home to ask about her plants and if they have been watered,” the insider adds.

The actress feels it’s important to contribute as a celebrity in her own way to the society and make sure she doesn’t slack up as a citizen. The actress also detests it when people litter. “I also try to utilise water efficiently, as wastage of water really pains me too.”

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