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Sonali Kulkarni: Fit for the next triathlon

Sonali Kulkarni: Fit for the next triathlon – The triathlon race was held at Lavasa

An enthusiastic cyclist and runner, Sonali Kulkarni participated in a triathlon race last December and is game for the next. Though she did not win an award, the actress is proud of getting a medal for participating, and rightly so, because she was approached by Kaustubh Radkar (winner of several marathon titles), to take part in the triathlon. “I love cycling and running, so I would keep posting pictures of me cycling from Khar to Versova or Bandra to Andheri to encourage others. Kaustubh saw them and approached me. Since I like to keep up with my fitness, I was open to it.” But it wasn’t easy. She had to train intensely for four months. “I had to sacrifice a variety of things. I could never enjoy my Sunday. Every morning at 4.40 am, I would step out, run for three kilometres and then cycle for 20-25 kilometres. I only knew basic swimming, I had to learn freestyle, which was the most difficult part,” shares Sonali.

The triathlon race was held at Lavasa. “The race started at 5.30 am, it was terribly cold and I was dreading it. I take a shawl and jacket even when I go to watch a film or a play! Though I was shivering, I managed and my trainer said I was good. We swam for one kilometer, cycled 25 kms and ran 5 kms. Though I was used to cycling and running, this was completely different because the roads were steep and we had to go uphill, but I think the adrenaline rush was high. I was afraid that I might have to use the washroom or feel hungry, but nothing of that happened.” In fact, the same day, she went to Bhor and shot for Poster Boys with Sunny Deol. “I had told them that I cannot shoot in the morning, but in the evening I joined the team. However, this is unheard of, as it takes at least three-four days to recover after a triathlon, but I managed,” says Sonali.

Ask her if she will take part this year, too, and she says she is keen but will have to check the dates of her shoots for upcoming films.

Sonali Kulkarni: Fit for the next triathlon

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