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Sonam Kapoor goes vegan

Sonam Kapoor goes vegan – The actress, who has been a vegetarian for many years now, gives up dairy products…

Sonam Kapoor

She is known to be an animal lover and activist, urging people to adopt strays and treat them with kindness. And now, Sonam Kapoor has taken her commitment towards animals one step further by going vegan. The actress, who was named the Hottest Vegetarian for 2016 by PETA India, has now given up dairy products as well. She says, “I’ve been vegetarian for many years, but I became vegan this year. I believe in making compassionate choices. So much so, I am having soya milk coffee now, I don’t even have dairy…”

The actress, however, hasn’t let her vegan lifestyle impact her fashion and beauty purchases yet. “I don’t buy fur. It’s all faux fur, but I do buy leather. If someone gives me an exotic leather product, I use it, but I won’t buy it. I just purchase normal leather,” she says emphatically.

But that does not mean Sonam is ready to donate all her leather accessories. “I’m not giving it away because I think about it 500 times, I was like the poor animal is a bag now… My mom is really pissed with me, she’s like, ‘Go to the mountains’ because I was like, we cannot have red meat in the house… I feel like wherever you can do things, you should do it. To balance things out I became a vegetarian. I can’t eat meat and I don’t judge anybody who does it. I feel it’s okay because some people need it.”

Basing her food choices, purely on dietary requirements, she says, “Maybe, one day, I’ll start eating fish again. I tried and I just can’t because it’s been so many years now, but let’s see. You need the protein — I travel, so I get all kinds — but a lot of people don’t have access to it.”

She concludes, “Don’t be retarded like me and stop even having dahi (curd). Just have it.”

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