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Sonam Kapoor’s guide to handling trolls!

Sonam Kapoor’s guide to handling trolls! – Along with the love and appreciation, Bollywood celebrities are subjected to a lot of criticism and online trolling these days. With the social media platforms gaining more momentum, this has become a daily suffering for many.

But unlike most who are silent about it, there are also a few actors who know how to shut their trolls down. Sonam Kapoor has done that several times — whether it was about people body-shaming her or criticising her films and discussing her personal life in a rather derogatory manner. We met Sonam who shared with us her ‘guide to handling social media trolls’. She tells us, “It’s simply five things,” she continues. “Do not give a s**t to what nameless, faceless people say because they are obviously cowards. If they wanted to comment on you, they wouldn’t do it anonymously.

Usually, they are fake profiles who are hired to write such stuff by whoever. I don’t know! Report them. Block them. You should also know that because you are relevant, they’re talking about you — good or bad. And finally, just be positive and happy knowing that there are people who love you for who you are.” Attagirl!

Sonam Kapoor’s guide to handling trolls!

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