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There should be no rules in beauty and fashion

There should be no rules in beauty and fashion – Sonam Kapoor on her skin and hair secrets, why she isn’t concerned about ageing and her message to young girls

Sonam Kapoor

She has established herself as a name to reckon with in the world of fashion, but Sonam Kapoor isn’t far behind when it comes to beauty. She’s one of the few actors constantly experimenting with hair and make-up and in a tête-à-tête with After Hrs we got her to divulge some of her secrets.

What are your make-up essentials?

I use a kajal, concealer, lip balm, a red lipstick and a blush.

Describe your skin care routine

I wash my face and use sunblock in the morning, and in the night I wear a heavy night cream and an undereye cream. I do facials often because I wear so much make-up. Also, Bombay is not a clean city, you need to do it.

Are you concerned about ageing now that you’re 30 plus?

No, I’m not concerned about ageing. I have told everybody I’m 31. My mom is like ‘Are you serious?’ I am not hiding anything. I like my lines, I feel like I’ve earned each and every one of them. I’ve gone through torture in the last 10 years, I feel like I might as well have something to show for it. And I feel as an actor I don’t want to do stuff to my face and look frozen.

How do you deal with blemishes and pimples?

Like anybody else, I cry.

Do you do your own make-up?

Sometimes I do my make-up, like today… I usually just wear my spectacles or my lenses, otherwise I don’t know what I’m doing.

Have you learned any make-up tips from Namrata Soni?

My tip from Namrata is to always wear mascara and if anything goes wrong, call her up. I’m like, ‘Please save me.’

Do you have a signature fragrance?

I like to wear mogra. So anything with jasmine in it.

Is there any beauty recipe you’ve learnt from your mother or grandmother?

Multani mitti, but now I’ve stopped. My mom says the reason you don’t have hair like your father is because I used to do ubtan for you every day and I said I never used to have hair. I just don’t have it since I’ve taken after you.

Any celebrity whose look you admire?

Jennifer Lopez, she’s so hot. How old is she, like 50? I like her beauty game, I don’t know about her fashion game. It’s not my style…

What’s your beauty regime for your off days?

I don’t use make-up. I’ll show you some pictures on my off days and you’ll be like, is this the person who everybody thinks is fashionable. I’m in my sweatshirts. I just sit at home and read books and eat French Fries because that’s vegan.

As a role model to young girls what message would you like to give them?

Don’t try to look like me. First of all, look like yourself and be confident and young. And if you want to wear lipstick, wear it. If you don’t want to wear it, don’t wear it. It’s your choice.

This or that

Red lips or nude lips

Red lips

Smoky eye or winged liner

Winged liner

Lip gloss or matt lipstick

Matt lipstick

Liquid liner or pencil liner


Contouring or Highlighting

I don’t need contouring, every make-up artist has told me I can’t do that as I already have a really skinny face but I like highlighting the good parts.

Sheet mask or gel mask

Sheet mask

Cream blush or powder blush

Both — I use cream blush under my foundation and powder blush on top to last all day

Statement lips or statement eyes

Both together sometimes —there should be no rules in beauty and fashion. In fact, no rules in life

Make-up brush or make-up sponge

Hands – fingers

Curls or straight hair

I’m born with poker straight hair so I will say curls

Ponytail or a chignon


Oil massage or hair spa

Oil massage

Nail art or French mani

Bare nails

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