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Valentine’s Day special | Kriti Sanon on matters of the heart: I’d never tolerate infidelity in a relationship

Valentine’s Day special | Kriti Sanon on matters of the heart: I’d never tolerate infidelity in a relationship

A lot has been said about Kriti Sanon’s relationship status, but she has always maintained a staunch ‘no comments’ stance. However, she admits that she’s a romantic at heart — one who can cook for her man even though she hates entering the kitchen; someone who’s a little forgetful at times; someone who’s possessive yet understanding. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, the actress talks about her take on love and relationships. Read on…

When in love, you are…

I’m a romantic at heart. I am very happy with little moments rather than big or expensive gifts. I think I’m low maintenance (laughs). I’m also understanding and trusting. I believe, if you are in love but not possessive, then that person doesn’t affect you much. And then, it isn’t love. I’m also forgetful sometimes, if I’m working or my mind is preoccupied. That can be a little annoying for the other person. I believe in making real moments — the conversations and honesty. It’s very important to be comfortable around each other even if you aren’t doing much together but are in the same room.

Your first crush?

Probably in the ninth standard. One of those teenage crushes where you’re just blushing all the time. There was this innocence in just looking at that person from far and smiling at him, deliberately hovering around him and giggling about it.

Your first relationship?

It was during college and it was probably not for the right reasons. I mean, I realised that you shouldn’t fall for somebody just because he loves you. I think you need to fall for someone for the right reasons. If it isn’t, it is also not the right feeling and it doesn’t tend to last. Also, I believe that both partners’ feelings should be somewhere on the same level.

Have you liked somebody but didn’t have the courage to approach them?

No. I have always been approached first. It’s never happened that I liked somebody and they didn’t like me back.

When was your first heartbreak?

I haven’t faced a heartbreak. Not yet.

How did your first relationship end then? Did you break up?

Yes. When you don’t have intense feelings, you get to move on easily, which is again not right.

Have you ever stalked anybody?

No. I wouldn’t ever do it.

Have you been stalked?

Yes, I’m sure. So many times and then the people don’t even realise that I already know that they are stalking me. Then it becomes fun! (Laughs)

What do you think of casual dating?

I can’t do it. For me, it has to be a deeper connection and it’s always emotional. So, I can never have a fling or just date; it has to be a relationship. I can’t be on Tinder. It’s not for me.


I don’t mean it’s wrong to be on Tinder. To each his own. I need to genuinely, gradually connect with somebody and it can’t be forced. I can’t think and then make an effort.

What would you never tolerate in a relationship?

Infidelity! Never ever… Honesty and loyalty are very, very important to me; maybe, even more than love. Because, if you’re not honest, I’ll be more insecure and then there will be problems. If my partner cheats, it would be over. How can you be in a relationship if you’re sleeping around? You’ve to be in a relationship only if you love that person and it’s worth it. Cheating would mean there’s no love. Even if you’re in love and you still do it, that love will slowly fade away.

Have you ever cheated or been cheated on?

No, neither!

What’s your take on marriage?

I believe in the institution of marriage. I feel it’s beautiful. But again, I’m someone who can’t understand the logic of arranged marriages. For me, to be married to someone, it would mean that I am at least committing to live my whole life with that person, so I need to be madly in love with him first. Otherwise, I think having a family is just a beautiful commitment. There are marriages that last for a lifetime and you see these old couples holding hands, still in love — it’s inspiring. You want your life to be like that.

Do your parents pester you to get married?

No. They know that I’ve just started my career and the profession I’m in. I’ve so much more to still do and achieve. There are times when they are like, ‘Arre, kab hogi tumhari shaadi?’ When I was just starting my debut film, my mom kept cribbing and telling me, ‘Now toh you are going to get married late. When am I going to play with my grandchildren?’ I sometimes jokingly ask her why I should get married just to give her grandchildren. What’s the logic? (Smiles)

Would you be okay being with someone completely opposite of you?

I don’t know. Everyone has their own individuality and perspective. After all, we’re not going to be twins. People keep saying it but I guess the word is misused. Two lovers can’t behave like just best friends.

What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done for somebody?

I have cooked Mutton Curry. And I hate cooking! (Smiles)

What’s the most romantic thing someone has done for you?

Written something beautiful out of the blue, without any occasion. See, that’s what I mean when I say I’m low-maintenance. These little things and moments when someone thinks of you without there being a compulsion or an occasion and does something this personal, that’s what matters most. I still have the letter.

Do you give relationship advice or take it?

I’m a giver. I don’t know how and why. Perhaps because I’ve seen so many of my friends and their experiences in relationships, that has helped me get all the ideas and inch towards becoming a pro with relationship advice. Today, I can understand what went wrong and the third person’s perspective is always unbiased. From my school days, I’ve been someone who can give relationship advice even without being in one.

Lastly, what are the qualities you look for, in your ideal man?

It is a long list. First and foremost, I have to be in love with that person, which means he needs to be honest and loyal. I should be able to have great conversations with that person and we should find happiness even in silences. He has to be respectful to everyone and being a good human being is everyone’s criteria. Also, he has to love kids.

Valentine’s Day special | Kriti Sanon on matters of the heart: I’d never tolerate infidelity in a relationship

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