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‘Voices like mine need more prominence’: Neha Bhasin

‘Voices like mine need more prominence’: Neha Bhasin – Neha Bhasin, self-admittedly, is one of those people who is never satisfied. “I feel the need to keep bettering myself,” says the singer, who in the recent past, has delivered super-hit songs like Jag Ghoomeya (Sultan), Swag Se Swagat (Tiger Zinda Hai) and Heeriye (Race 3). Having said that, the songstress is grateful for the response she has received for her playback numbers. “It feels a little unbelievable that such good things are happening,” she says. Neha gives After Hrs a glimpse into her process and future projects…

You haven’t done a lot of playback but your last few songs have been hits. How do you react to that?

There is no formula. I have led my life with extreme passion. My husband calls me an uncorrupted soul, as I believe completely in the things I do. However, I do wish the industry would recognise and acknowledge the fact that I have it in me to produce hits. The time has come that voices like mine get more prominence in the industry and not just two songs a year.

With more than 500 million views, Swag Se Swagat has become the most watched Hindi song on YouTube. Did you anticipate such a reaction? 

I don’t think you ever anticipate a thing like that. I knew it was part of a Salman Khan-Katrina Kaif starrer, with Vishal-Shekhar as composers and Ali Abbas helming it. It had all the makings of a hit. The same team has worked together earlier and Salman has so many hit songs to his credit but you never know which song would do so well. It definitely surpassed all my expectations for sure!

You and Salman Khan’s movies seem to have a connection. His last few hits have all had your songs…

I think it’s coincidental or cosmic — definitely not planned (laughs). We don’t even know each other. I met him at the Race 3 premiere for the first time. I was a little shy but I did go up and introduce myself. I’m happy to be a part of his films. The connection started because of Ali and has now spilled over to Salman. He and I have always admired each others’ works. We had worked on Mere Brother Ki Dulhan and Gunday earlier.

With Jag Ghoomeya, there was an effort to be desi…

Jag Ghoomeya was thrown at me and I knew I had to take up this challenge. In India, however good your western vocals are, you have to have that Indianess in your singing if you want to become a mainstream artiste. I knew I needed to make that shift and Jag was the right song to achieve that. I just I made sure to sing it really well.

Is that the thought behind releasing folk songs?

When I started singing folk songs in 2014, I just wanted to sing them. It took about a year for people to see a different side to me as a singer. Jag happened because of the folk renditions I was releasing at that time.

Are there more folk songs on the way?

Yes, I will definitely release at least two more this year.

‘Voices like mine need more prominence’: Neha Bhasin

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