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When Saiyami Kher had a mud-bath on Holi!

When Saiyami Kher had a mud-bath on Holi! – The Mirzya actress talk about her favourite Holi memory..

Saiyami Kher

Saiyami Kher's last film Mirzya didn't do well but the actress got a lot of appreciation from the audiences. While we spoke to a lot of celebrities about their Holu memories, Saiyami's was surprising.

Saiyami tells us, "As a child, I loved it! We'd buy water guns and fill balloons with water and play with friends. Lately I have been working on Holi so haven't played."

This year, she has different plans. "I will be going to Shabana Masi's house for Holi. I've missed it for two years now because of work so I'm looking forward to it," she adds.

But what's her favourite Holi memory? She laughs, "I had an eye injury in 9th standard and my mother was very scared something will happen to my eye. She didn't want me to play and I assured her that I won't let anyone touch my face. But when all my friends got together, we got into our hooligan mood and I completely forgot my promise to my mother. Our faces were streaked with silver paint, we'd had a mud bath and thrown eggs at each other. Of course, my mother wasn't happy. But it was too much fun!"

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