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Who is showering gifts on Deepika Padukone? view pics

We would do anything to be Deepika Padukone right now and own these gifts. – Who is showering gifts on Deepika Padukone? view pics

Deepika Padukone has returned from Cannes after a mostly successful fashion outing. Not all her outfits created a furore but those which did became the talking points. In fact, her green flowing gown with a thigh high slit has been adjudged as one of the best dresses of the gala this year. No wonder she looked pretty happy at the airport after she landed in Mumbai. But we feel there is also another reason behind that smile and that is the amazing gifts she received when she was at Cannes. You would want to be in her shoes just for one day and own them even if it is for a split second.

Deepika has put pictures on her instagram of these gifts which will make you go green with envy. There are customised clutches, a really cool summer tee and much more. We can’t get over the fact that she is so lucky. Gifts always make people greedy and if they look like that, it gets even more enticing. Check them out right here.



Deepika also spoke to the media there and it was only obvious for them to ask her to comment on Vin Diesel and her relationship. Remember she had said on The Ellen Degeneres Show that she was having babies with him but all of that was in her head. So when the actress was asked to comment on her love for Diesel, she retorted first saying, “Excuse me?! He is in love with me. Let get the records straight.” She then moved on to how the Hollywood action man has become her friend for life now. Well, well well!

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