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Why Kriti Sanon isn’t keen on debuting on the small screen just yet

Why Kriti Sanon isn’t keen on debuting on the small screen just yet – Maybe later…

Kriti Sanon

Kriti Sanon’s Raabta co-star Sushant Singh Rajput rose to fame from the small screen. For years, he worked in TV serials and did reality shows before he graduated to the big screen. He has no qualms about returning to the chota purdah if something interests him. However, Kriti doesn’t feel the same way about the TV industry.

She told us, “I don’t want to do TV now. Even when I was modelling, I was offered a few TV shows but they never interested me. As far as reality shows go, I haven’t been offered anything.”

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She says, right now, she is concentrating on movies, but she might take it up much later in her career, “I will definitely be comfortable about it a few years down the line. But right now, I am in a space where I am still exploring myself as an actor. I never knew I would become an actor so I have never done these acting courses and stuff while growing up. Every time I’m doing a character, I’m discovering a new thing. So as of now, I want to only concentrate on acting in films. TV will happen much later, I guess,” she adds.

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